Margot Becker is a Hudson-based artist, weaver, and educator.  Her work explores sense of place, the natural environment and the connection between the individual and the communal subconscious. Through tactile processes, she questions our understanding of sustainability, the value of labor and the role of handcraft in late capitalism.  Her weaving practice originated from a deep desire to understand the origins and lives affected by the production of the cloths that surround us in our day to day.  In 2010, Margot embarked on an independent study to understand the process of creating textiles from start to finish.  Following the belief that to know your production line, you must be your production line, this project became an all-encompassing life practice- incorporating animal husbandry, yarn spinning technologies and fine hand weaving.  The resulting line of vertically integrated textiles, Margot Handwoven, is now shown nationwide and in Japan.  Margot Becker received her BA from Bard College in 2009 and is currently pursuing an MFA with California College of Art.